Thomas Larm is the man behind everything in the Head to Throat world. With over 15 years in the business he definitely knows every corner how to be a professional barber and a successful shop owner. He finished hair cutting school back in 2006 and have since then worked only with men's hair and beard in focus. After he have been working together with some of Stockholm's best barbers and barbershops he started Head to Throat back in 2013 where he also started traveling out in the world working on different events and on different photoshoots. In 2014 he released his very own product line that growing every year with more and more products. Side by side with the barbershop he also teamed up with one of Sweden's biggest cosmetic manufacturer and hairstyle brands to offer classes for professional hairdressers that wanted to explore and learn the barber craftsmanship. In 2020 Thomas stepped in as a Teacher at one of Stockholm's barber schools where he learned the senior students the barber craftsmanship.

So welcome to 2021, Thomas is still here every day and every week in the barber shop offering first class haircuts and high quality beard cuts.