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True barber craftsmanship, our services always come with the promise of quality, dedication, and passion. We are an experienced barbershop with dedicated barbers who has knowledge of the barber craftsmanship that goes back over 15+ years. We can offer a first class guarantee for all of our treatments, along with a nice range of products for both hair and beard.

"Smallest but roughest since 2013"

100% Vegan Friendly
Creepy Cream Pomade
Sweden made pomade! Everything you are looking for in a pomade that you can put in both your hair and beard. Never ever tested on animals, just on bearded and hairy men!
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Greasers paradise
Original Pomade
Our newest member in our product line, our original pomade with a new jar and design! Same as always but we added just a little more oil for a more traditional greasy feeling.
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Every Little Detail

Pure Perfection

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Did you know?


The "Swedish gold" berry! Cloudberry contains 3 times more C-Vitamins than Oranges and they are also loaded with B-Vitamins.

Our pomade contains cloudberry seed oil but NOT for eating! Just put some in your hair or beard to make it look awesome!

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